What to wear?

I recently read an article on the top 5 things that makes girls cranky and the #1 was being hungry, lol! While that doesn't really happen to me, it is definitely true for some girls I know! The whole list was pretty silly to begin with but one of the things on the list that did ring true for me was not having anything to wear.

Too many times have I emptied the entire contents of my closet in search of the perfect outfit only to realize I have nothing to wear and then get sad and cranky. On the flip side, there are certain outfits that always make me happy and ready to step out into the world with a smile on my face. Every girl has at least one outfit in her arsenal that fits the bill. The one you can dress up/down for any occasion, the one you can throw on in under 5 minutes, the one that incorporates certain pieces you love, the one that makes you feel like a million bucks. I must admit, I probably work this look far to often but I love it! It's easy, just polished enough, and super comfy to boot! I'll re-style this in different ways but here's the basic framework:

J.Crew Schoolboy Blazer - I looove my blazer. I sort of have a blazer/jacket problem the way I have a journal/book problem. This one is perfect for dressing up and dressing down. I love the antique gold button detailing and it's also just warm enough to be a great transition piece as well. I'm totes eying the velvet version of this...exact same jacket...but in black...damn you J.Crew!
White Blouse/Tank - If I'm going a little bit dressier I usually pair it with a silk top, my fave of late has been a pleated version of this bow tie blouse. It adds a nice Victorian nod while still being modern and also lends a more feminine vibe against the more structured blazer. If I'm dressing down, I usually opt for a simple white cotton shirt/tank (the men's A line undershirts are great, super cheap, and easy to find; I usually layer two for more coverage) or a striped shirt which gives off a decidedly Parisian/nautical feel, très chic!

Jeans - My fave pair are these from BDG. Usually well stocked at Urban Outfitters, these puppies are almost always around $40-50 making them very affordable. Again, very easy to dress up or down. My fave are the black ones, although they do tend to fade after a while. Or it could be that I just wear them waaaay to much! They have a little bit of stretch too making them super comfy.

Statement Necklace - I am sort of obsessed with my Pin Up Necklace. I love wearing it when I opt for the basic white shirt/tank option as it adds just a bit of punk rock edge. A simple outfit like this needs just a little something to make it look not so boring and for me, this necklace fits the bill perfectly. I also like pairing this outfit with long layered chains or large colored pieces like a nice big statement ring. If it's cooler out I'll skip the bling and opt for a scarf instead.

Target Odell Flats - I think I've bought this shoe about 4 times now. It's for me, the perfect flat black shoe. It works with everything from skirts to dresses to pants. It's comfy, cheap, basic and looks great. During the fall/winter when flats won't cut it I opt for tall brown or black boots instead, and if I want to dress it up I'll pair it with a heel or wedge.

Fresh Citron de Vigne - Of course, no outfit is complete without a little spritz to send you out the door. My favorite of late has been Citron de Vigne by Fresh. I love perfumes that have a bit of grit to them; I adore the milky sap and green leaves in Dyptique's Philoskykos and L'Ombre Dans L'eau, for example. Fresh takes a step in this direction with their wine inspired scent, giving a nod to the dewy vines and bitter seeds that give birth to the dark Pinot Noir grape. A spritz or two of this and my day is instantly transformed.

What do you wear when you have nothing to wear? What staples can you not live without? Is there one fabulous piece you love to build an outfit around? Share your wisdom by leaving a comment below and help prevent future wardrobe induced cranky spells. :)