gold/brass hex nuts from the hardware store, suede cord from any craft store

Saw this bracelet on the wrist of a friend of a friend while in NYC. When she said it was DIY I knew I had to make it, so I did. I rather like it. Gives off a boho chic kinda feel, and would look phenom in brighter hues of suede for the summer months. Also made one with twine instead of suede (gotta use what you have in front of you!) and that has a different, more earthy feel to it. Going to try some brighter colors and different materials soon.

Directions: Tie a loop with the cord, braid down a bit, insert one hex nut on each strand alternating sides, use as many/little nuts as you like, finish by braiding the rest of the length of cord and tie a knot at the end.

I like it extra long so you have extra length to wrap around, but you could also do it as a straight bracelet. The one I saw had findings to attach the ends, but I found the simple loop closure secure and low-profile enough to not need anything else. YNMV.

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