Around the bend

Blogging with the iPad, on a ferry, on my way back to the mainland after a long weekend in Koh Samui. The iPad, as it turns out, is completely useless when it comes to blogging, so unfortunately no pics for now. :(

The past few weeks have become a blur. I am so thankful for my camera, whose memory is much better and more reliable than mine.

Right now, I'm looking out the window of the VIP room (which means air conditioned and cushy seats) and all I can see is white and blue, with small clusters of prehistoric looking islands dotting the horizon. It's beautiful, and betrays the fact that Thailand is a country which has sold it's soul to foreign interests. Nature is preserved because it's salable as a tourist attraction. Beaches are privatized by the hotels that inhabit it's shores, with only one access road to ensure it's exclusivity. The southern side of the Koh is completely awash with pubs and restaurants boasting greetings in German, French, myriad languages few of which are Thai. Australians sunbathe nude in an area that is still strongly Muslim.

Thailand is a country that no longer belongs to it's people. Corruption rules the land, from who rules the small neighborhoods to who rules the parliament. The monarchy is in peril and after the death of this (much beloved) king, I doubt it will survive. I always thought I could live here, reconnect and follow the "sabai sabai" mantra that seems to dominate the Thai spirit most of the time, but now I know that's not only naive but impossible. Someone is always bigger, stronger, and more hungry than I will ever be.

Hmm....this was a much darker post than I anticipated, but this trip also feels much darker as well. My first sight upon landing and heading to the family home in the city was a barricade of police officers with guns and police shields. Seems now like an omen of things to come...uncertain peace and the knowledge that unrest is only temporarily at bay.


Hanna K. said...

i like your reflections.

Sou Elizabeth Kim said...

how much longer are u gonna be in thailand? wanna come to korea?