First post of the new year, holler!

Wow, 2010 just flew by, and 2011 came without much fanfare. I usually make a few resolutions but I inevitably fall short by oh...February, so this year I'm not making any other than to try to keep as calm and sane as I possibly can. I think that's a good resolution, no? People who see me on a regular basis will appreciate this most, I think. ;)

Anyway, I'd like to kick the year off right by having a giveaway. Leave a comment with your new year's resolution or your favorite memory from 2010 by January 14th and I'll randomly select two winners that will receive a very special art prize package. The prize package will include a moleskine cahier notebook, a burnisher, a couple pieces of lino, and a few other goodies. Just for fun, everyone who leaves a comment will receive a set of mini stickers (pictured above) I made from some of my favorite photos of 2010.

Happy New Year, everyone!


Anonymous said...
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Sheena LaShay said...

One of my goals for this year is to visit you for another week out in California. One of my favorite memories of this year would be participating in an indoor LUGE event in Lake Tahoe. It was there the term "Luge Eyes" was coined to describe my frightful expression every time it was my turn!

summerb said...

hmm.. not sure I have a set resolution, but a goal is def to watch less computer tv and listen to more good music. also to read and write more. more better. see, it's been so long, I'm damn near illiterate.

Anonymous said...

Freakout! Prizes!

My resolution is "read & breathe".
I have a large collection of books, which I married into, and purchased, and I feel like they are screaming at me from all the shelves. I feel like they are screaming, "READ ME, WE HAVE WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, WE ENCASE YOUR DESTINY." So, basically I need to find out my destiny and read them. Also, I need to breathe, and stay alive.

Love you Jantira!

Meagan Lindsay Shuptar said...

Resolution: create more often this year. Having two small kids and an almost-full-time photography business leaves me wishing I had more time for art. I miss it, and my goal is to make more time to let my creative ideas come to fruition. It does mind and body good!

Miah said...

My new years resolutions are:

Take a vacation
Finish a book or screenplay
Visit my neighbors more

Hi Jantira :)