Congrats to Sheena and Meagan for winning the giveaway!* The grand prize package (pictured above) features a Moleskine Cahier notebook, a burnisher, a Chartpak blender marker, a few pieces of lino, a set of mini stickers, and some hand selected clipart.

Since there were so few entries, I decided to upgrade the runner's up prize package (pictured below), so you will now be getting a mini notebook, a burnisher, a Chartpak blender marker, and clipart in addition to a set of mini stickers. Booya! Everybody wins! That's just how I roll. :)

 basically the same but with a smaller notebook and less clipart. :)

So, what's all of this about? Well, one of my intentions for the new year is to be more active in sharing, not only in material things but knowledge and support and encouragement as well. Over the course of a year's worth of art nights with a group of girlfriends, we've all come to grow and learn so much, not only about art but about ourselves, that I wanted to bring that to a wider audience. One of the ways I want to share is by posting video tutorials, tricks, techniques, etc.. to my Art Diet blog. The first one will be on how to do laser/photocopier transfers, which I was recently obsessed with. This technique is so simple, quick, easy, and can be applied to so many things the possibilities are endless!

The winners of this giveaway are at an advantage because in your prize packages, I've included everything you need to do your own transfers! All you have to do is email me (jantirak@gmail.com) with your mailing address, wait by your mailboxes, and then watch my video. Before you know it, you will be one lean, mean, image transferring machine! :)

*Each comment was assigned a number according to the order in which they were received. Winners were selected by using a random number generator.


Top 5 Winter Faves

I may not like American Apparel as a company, but I do love their winter leggings! I have 4 or 5 pair in constant rotation and wear them on an almost daily basis during the winter. They look especially great tucked into boots or booties. I'm usually not one to rock the whole leggings-as-pants look, but with these, I don't really mind since they are thick and feel/look like pants, even if they are leggings. My fave right now are the denim ones, available in store but not online apparently. For all the folks who bought the AA groupon, go out and get a pair now!

I'm sort of addicted to SPF. I love this one because you can use it for face and body, has an SPF of 30+, and is one of the safest products on the market. Most sunscreens use either natural (TiO2, etc..) or chemical ingredients to work its magic. The downside of natural ingredients is that they can clog pores and are often cakey and white (think of the summer beach bum with the white nose) while chemical ingredients have harmful side effects. I don't know how they do it but this sunscreen ranks at the top of the list for safe sunscreens, doesn't turn cakey/white, and is actually pretty moisturizing too. I use this daily, even in the winter when the skies are grey and rainy!
I got this on a whim during the crazy Sephora VIB sale when everything was 20% off and now I love it! I use #202 and it's the perfect shade for me right now. At first I thought it was a hair on the beige side, but now it's perfect. I love it for the absolutely flawless my-skin-but-better finish, the lightweight feel, and the uber cute packaging. It's supposedly HD makeup (meaning it will look awesome on film/video/etc) but I haven't looked through pictures to compare. It's a bit pricier than I would like but with the discount it ended up being just a bit more than my beloved Mac Mineralize. I use this every morning after I apply sunscreen since it does not contain any SPF. A little goes a long way, and coverage is buildable which is always appreciated. :)

My friend Mer was the one who first introduced me to this line of handbags when she returned from France with one years and years ago. Apparently everyone in France uses these. I can see why, it's so versatile! I use mine everyday. I have 4 of these in different colors. I only get the large sized ones because I love big bags and I always have a ton of stuff on me. It's extremely rugged (I often use this to haul books and it shows no strain/wear), super easy to clean, lightweight, packable (it features a foldable design that is GREAT for travel) and goes with EVERYTHING. I love the simple, understated elegance of these bags and how timeless they are. I see grandmothers and 20-somethings alike rocking this bag and they both wear them so well.

I have a pen addiction. There, I said it. I'd been coveting this pen for a while now and finally bought one recently. It's all true. It really is as great as everyone says it is. I LOVE this pen. The grip that some complain about is perfectly balanced and comfortable in my hand. The F nibs are so buttery smooth it's unbelievable that it's made out of steel. The EF, not so much. I tried 2 and one was a dud while the other was just as great as the F, only with a slightly finer line. Hit or miss I guess. It is also true that once you buy one you want to buy more. I went from none to one to three in the span of a week. Le sigh. I'm using this with Noodler's Pasternak ink (a pale periwinkle ink from their Russian line, all named after Russian authors...how could I resist???) with this pen currently and the combination is very wintery. Also, all the nibs are removable and interchangeable, how awesome is that!

Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway (just leave a comment on this post to be entered) for a chance to win an art prize package, and everyone who enters will receive a set of mini stickers! Giveaway ends at the end of this week so hurry!



 First post of the new year, holler!

Wow, 2010 just flew by, and 2011 came without much fanfare. I usually make a few resolutions but I inevitably fall short by oh...February, so this year I'm not making any other than to try to keep as calm and sane as I possibly can. I think that's a good resolution, no? People who see me on a regular basis will appreciate this most, I think. ;)

Anyway, I'd like to kick the year off right by having a giveaway. Leave a comment with your new year's resolution or your favorite memory from 2010 by January 14th and I'll randomly select two winners that will receive a very special art prize package. The prize package will include a moleskine cahier notebook, a burnisher, a couple pieces of lino, and a few other goodies. Just for fun, everyone who leaves a comment will receive a set of mini stickers (pictured above) I made from some of my favorite photos of 2010.

Happy New Year, everyone!