What to wear?

I recently read an article on the top 5 things that makes girls cranky and the #1 was being hungry, lol! While that doesn't really happen to me, it is definitely true for some girls I know! The whole list was pretty silly to begin with but one of the things on the list that did ring true for me was not having anything to wear.

Too many times have I emptied the entire contents of my closet in search of the perfect outfit only to realize I have nothing to wear and then get sad and cranky. On the flip side, there are certain outfits that always make me happy and ready to step out into the world with a smile on my face. Every girl has at least one outfit in her arsenal that fits the bill. The one you can dress up/down for any occasion, the one you can throw on in under 5 minutes, the one that incorporates certain pieces you love, the one that makes you feel like a million bucks. I must admit, I probably work this look far to often but I love it! It's easy, just polished enough, and super comfy to boot! I'll re-style this in different ways but here's the basic framework:

J.Crew Schoolboy Blazer - I looove my blazer. I sort of have a blazer/jacket problem the way I have a journal/book problem. This one is perfect for dressing up and dressing down. I love the antique gold button detailing and it's also just warm enough to be a great transition piece as well. I'm totes eying the velvet version of this...exact same jacket...but in black...damn you J.Crew!
White Blouse/Tank - If I'm going a little bit dressier I usually pair it with a silk top, my fave of late has been a pleated version of this bow tie blouse. It adds a nice Victorian nod while still being modern and also lends a more feminine vibe against the more structured blazer. If I'm dressing down, I usually opt for a simple white cotton shirt/tank (the men's A line undershirts are great, super cheap, and easy to find; I usually layer two for more coverage) or a striped shirt which gives off a decidedly Parisian/nautical feel, très chic!

Jeans - My fave pair are these from BDG. Usually well stocked at Urban Outfitters, these puppies are almost always around $40-50 making them very affordable. Again, very easy to dress up or down. My fave are the black ones, although they do tend to fade after a while. Or it could be that I just wear them waaaay to much! They have a little bit of stretch too making them super comfy.

Statement Necklace - I am sort of obsessed with my Pin Up Necklace. I love wearing it when I opt for the basic white shirt/tank option as it adds just a bit of punk rock edge. A simple outfit like this needs just a little something to make it look not so boring and for me, this necklace fits the bill perfectly. I also like pairing this outfit with long layered chains or large colored pieces like a nice big statement ring. If it's cooler out I'll skip the bling and opt for a scarf instead.

Target Odell Flats - I think I've bought this shoe about 4 times now. It's for me, the perfect flat black shoe. It works with everything from skirts to dresses to pants. It's comfy, cheap, basic and looks great. During the fall/winter when flats won't cut it I opt for tall brown or black boots instead, and if I want to dress it up I'll pair it with a heel or wedge.

Fresh Citron de Vigne - Of course, no outfit is complete without a little spritz to send you out the door. My favorite of late has been Citron de Vigne by Fresh. I love perfumes that have a bit of grit to them; I adore the milky sap and green leaves in Dyptique's Philoskykos and L'Ombre Dans L'eau, for example. Fresh takes a step in this direction with their wine inspired scent, giving a nod to the dewy vines and bitter seeds that give birth to the dark Pinot Noir grape. A spritz or two of this and my day is instantly transformed.

What do you wear when you have nothing to wear? What staples can you not live without? Is there one fabulous piece you love to build an outfit around? Share your wisdom by leaving a comment below and help prevent future wardrobe induced cranky spells. :)


Art Show!

I'm in Mercy Not Sacrifice again this year. Swing by on the 20th to check out some amazing art, nibble on some eats, and give to a great cause. Hope to see you there!



gold/brass hex nuts from the hardware store, suede cord from any craft store

Saw this bracelet on the wrist of a friend of a friend while in NYC. When she said it was DIY I knew I had to make it, so I did. I rather like it. Gives off a boho chic kinda feel, and would look phenom in brighter hues of suede for the summer months. Also made one with twine instead of suede (gotta use what you have in front of you!) and that has a different, more earthy feel to it. Going to try some brighter colors and different materials soon.

Directions: Tie a loop with the cord, braid down a bit, insert one hex nut on each strand alternating sides, use as many/little nuts as you like, finish by braiding the rest of the length of cord and tie a knot at the end.

I like it extra long so you have extra length to wrap around, but you could also do it as a straight bracelet. The one I saw had findings to attach the ends, but I found the simple loop closure secure and low-profile enough to not need anything else. YNMV.

art, innocence, memory

clear, white, green vs red and reds that lean toward yellow

back in l.a. after an extended weekend in new york. more on that later. first, there are a few things on my mind....

while i was there i went to visit a friend’s studio and we talked art. we are both feeling the drain, albeit for very different reasons. while i was there i thought about my own process, how so much of it is informed by the things i’ve experienced, what i hope for, what steals my soul from my body. how my desire to be understood and to understand, forgiven and to forgive in return (oh, st. francis! one day i will light a candle and recite the words in the porziuncola!) marks for me the worth of my work.

the day before i left another friend gave me a book. i read the first hundred or so pages as the sun was rising, illuminating brooklyn, new york, and in a few hours, the coast i call home. as i was reading i was struck with the realization that innocence must be lost. one can hold onto it, but all the strength of this broken world cannot bind it to one’s body for very long. it made me wonder who on this earth is lucky enough to hold onto it the longest?

in the book, the protagonist is plagued by her memory. her innocence was lost. she navigates the world through color and art. she is catholic. she visits the clares and the scene is so beautiful and heartbreaking i almost burst into sobs on my flight. the author lives in l.a. so her character often drives up an down the coast. i can relate. the view of endless ocean does wonders...even in the complete darkness of night. was this book written just for me? my memory always fails me until the very last moment...

so, these things. these undefinable, incredibly complex, unique to each person, cathartic, beautiful, sad, full of truth things. they are on my mind. funny how it takes getting out of your own hood to see things clearly. a prophet is never appreciated in his own town, and i bet he/she could never think clearly there either.


my fickle h(ear)t

Sennheiser HD25-1-II

It's only been two weeks since I picked up the Audio Technica M50s but I just couldn't fight the desire to upgrade so now I am the proud owner of the legendary Sennheiser HD25-1-II!

I loved the M50s, there wasn't really anything wrong with them. They were almost perfect in every way. They were suuuuper comfy with HUGE cups that were truly circumaural on my ears, great sound, great details and clarity, folded up for portable use, solid build quality, great isolation, I could go on. However, there was a bit of a problem. The pair I picked up initially started to crackle on the low end, no bueno. I exchanged for a new pair so hopefully it won't be there next time I plug them in.

What ultimately made me upgrade is that the WHOLE time I was listening to the M50s, I kept thinking about the HD25-1-II. When I finally took the plunge and headed over to GC (Guitar Center) to exchange the AT's and pick up the Senn's, the awesome sales guy let me test out a few pairs before making up my mind. I was so glad he did, because the Senn's were just amazing. The clarity and details on the HD25 is just so much more present over the M50. The mids were a lot better too, which was my main gripe with the M50. I also got to try the new-ish Shure SRH940 and WOW. Let me say that again. WOW. If I ever need to upgrade again, it will be for these. Sound wise they are amazing. They by far blow the rest of the SRH line out of the water. I'd say the sounds was just as good, maybe even better then the HD25 I tested. They also are really stylish, foldable, are suuuper comfy, light, and are packaged beautifully. At $300 street and a few hundred more retail, these are out of my grasp for now, but they sure are tempting!

The not so good news: I got home and tried on my brand new Sennies, only to be confronted by this awful noise! The bass was too heavy, everything else seemed muddled. The detail and clarity also wasn't there, as well as a pretty much nonexistent sound stage. I've heard that these don't have much to begin with but these are far worse than other examples I've heard. If they don't improve over the next few weeks, then these will sadly have to go back, and I'll happily return to my M50, with no complaints. If they improve, the M50s will be relegated to back up/home duties. That's a big if though. I've heard that these phones need a lot of burn in, and there is significant improvement after 100 hours. I sure hope so because I love the way other HD25's I've tested have sounded, and those had definitely been burned in. Fingers crossed!

Some initial observations, from memory, no time to do a real side by side right now:

Sound: As it stands, I'll have to say the AT's with about 50 hours burn and the crackle beat out the brand new unburned Senns. CRAZY! I know, but on these ears...true. I also think the M50's are a lot more forgiving than the HD25's in that almost any genre will sound "good" which is not true for the Senns.

Comfort: The AT's also have the Senns beat on comfort. While the M50 can start to feel heavy after a while, it really feels like they were designed to perfectly fit my head, maybe even a little loose. The HD25's are supra, which is not my fave, but are actually pretty comfy. I don't find the clamp too strong, even without stretching them out first. It does get a bit much after a few hours though, even if the force isn't too bad.

Isolation: Ok, for once, the out of box HD25's have the M50 beat. The isolation on the HD25 is simply pronominal, and they're supra! I would not believe it unless I (didn't) hear it!

Leakage: Senns also win here. I took them off, cups were not touching, and with my face just inches from the cups, I could barely make out the sound! Now THAT is leak control! I had the volume at about 1/3 which was plenty loud enough too.

Microphonics: Senn wins again. The microphonics on the M50 is horrible in comparison.

I'm really hoping the Senns improve with burn in. I'm so ready to love these...but just can't. Not yet


New Phones!!! Audio Technica ATH-M50s!!!


I finally broke my no-more-buying-shit-I-don't-need-a-thon. It was a nice 5 weeks while it lasted. These were a bit pricey at $160 but I've been corrupted enough to actually think they are worth it! My first pair of real headphones were the M30, also by Audio Technica, and at only $30 were so worth the money back then. True, the sound was too muddled but it was still so much better than everything I had put in my ears up to that point. I loved the isolation and bass and took them everywhere with me. I used them for years until they finally broke. The M50s is such a vast improvement it's ridiculous. 

The clarity and detail is amazing. This is even without any burn in, straight out of the box. The bass is nice, not overpowering at moderate volumes, although a tad boomy at times. Crank up the volume though and it will FEEL like an elephant just ran across the room. Haven't cranked it up enough to actually see but at a little over half volume (which is pretty darn loud, imo) I could feel it in my head. Like others, I agree that the mids are a little recessed, but as long as the bass doesn't get any bigger after burn in, I think it will be fine. Despite it's tendency to favor the bass, I find that these are actually very natural sounding, and very clean. What is really amazing though, is the detail that I can pick up with these. I plugged into my macbook and played a few faves off itunes and was shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, by what I heard. On a few tracks, I felt like I was listening to a completely different song. I even had to take them off and look around the room because I was hearing things in the music I had never heard before! 

Now, let me just say straight out, that I am an isolation junkie. I simply cannot stand it when headphones leak sound. It drives me nuts. I'm getting nitpicky here, but these leak just a bit too much for my liking. I actually think my M30's did a better job of keeping the sound in than these! With the volume on low, you can't really hear them if the pads are right up next to each other. At 50% volume you can definitely hear sound. Any louder than 50% and I can make out actual lyrics! This is only a problem if you have someone inches away from you though. These observations are from me, sitting at my desk, in a quiet room with next to no ambient noise. Once I got out of my chair the sound leakage isn't as noticable, and if I take a step back, is even less noticable. At two steps away, maybe a yard or so, I can't hear them anymore. So yeah, I'm nitpicking here for sure. :) The sound isolation with these are pretty good though. I can barely hear a thing outside of the music with these on. I haven't tried them in a really noisy spot yet but for moderate ambient noise these do an excellent job of blocking it out.

Another aspect worth mentioning is how awesomely comfortable these are. In fact, it almost feels as though they were built for my head! I didn't need to adjust the headband at all and the cups completely, and I mean COMPLETELY, cover my ears. The leather/leatherette pads are soft and cushy, but as with all closed phones with this type of padding, they can get warm. The pressure is also perfect, maybe even a tad bit on the loose side for me. I do however, start to feel the strain after a few hours but nothing a quick rub of the ears doesn't get rid of. By far the most comfortable cans I've owned. And that's saying a lot. I have an industrial and these cans act like it's not even there. I don't feel any sort of pain or pressure on that ear, which is what happens to varying degrees with almost every other pair of phones I've tried. They are also really comfy around the neck, which not all headphones are, for me at least.

As for styling, I tend to think most audiophile headphones are pretty ugly looking with a few exceptions, and only in the context of their environment. On the flip side, the ones that look cute are severely lacking in sound quality. I think these are neither stylish nor ugly, which is fine by me. They are mostly black with a silver cirlce trim on each side and silver dots indicating L and R, and have Audio Technica silk screened on the top band. They are definitely not as stylish as Beats if you're walking down the street, but a lot less hideous looking than other phones out there. I would definitely feel comfortable walking around town in these, which I will probably end up doing a lot of since these are also collapsible and come with a pouch to tote it around in. They can either fold up into a little half circle with the cups under the top band, or the cups also rotate so it lies flat, which is great.

I've heard these get better after 100+ hours burn in so I can't wait to see how the sound changes for me once I hit 100 hours. I picked these up locally at Guitar Center for $160+tax, which is how much they are going for everywhere, even Amazon. I don't know why but the price on these jumped like crazy in the past few months. I wanted to wait for it to go down again but figured the extra $50 was worth it to be able to actually enjoy music again, and like I said, I got impatient. Guitar Center also has a protection plan that will replace them should anything happen to them, and with my track record the extra $27 will surely pay for itself in a year or two. :P I also tried out a few other cans before buying these; Pioneer HDJ1000 which I actually liked, Denon HP500 which were crap, a higher end pair of Denon DJ phones, which were good but too bass heavy for me, the Shure SR840/440 (the 840's were a demo and sounded awful, the 440's were new out of box and were MUCH better as crazy as it sounds!), Senn's HD280 which were ok but made me question all the hype, and a few others. Had I not bought the M50s, I probably would have gone with the Pioneer or Shure 440. If you're looking to get into the game, I would say the M50's are a great way to go. For half the price, the Shure SR440 are also great, closed, portable phones with excellent sound for the money. If you have unlimited funds and are willing to spend it on headphones...well then that's another story. And also, we should chat. :)


Harinezumi 2++

  teeny tiny!

i picked up a new toy cam recently and took it with me to the dodger's game. shoots color and b+w, stills and film, self timer, view screen with preview and playback. shooting on their "low" setting is useless, go for the max. these were shot on low and there are visible pixels. :( really like the saturated colors and vignette edges. each sensor is tweaked just a bit so no two are the same. retro aesthetics+modern digital technology=harinezumi 2++. pricey for a plastic toy cam at $150, but i guess the days of $12 holgas are gone forever.


I choose to love this time for once with all my intelligence.

too raw
laid bare

and above all, so very tired.


recent ulta haul + swatches

sorry for the blurry cell phone pic!

I’m normally a Sephora gal (on an aside, 15% off for VIB for the next week - already got my order in, holla!) but Ulta was running a pretty sweet sale on select brands so I picked up a few things I’ve been meaning to buy/try. If you decide to swing by, be sure to print this coupon for an extra $3.50 off your $10 purchase!

First item on my list is the NYX Matte Lip Creams in Addis Ababa, Stockholm, and Monte Carlo. Addis Ababa and Stockholm are my favorites of the three. Addis Ababa in particular is amazing and so on trend with this season’s pink lips. Stockholm is a near perfect MLBB (my lips but better) nude that I’ll definitely be stocking up on while it’s still on sale. Monte Carlo is a middle of the road red. It's not dark enough to be vampy, not bright enough to pop. A run of the mill red that will probably get some use, but not very exciting. The texture is really light and almost like a mousse more than a cream. It also is very comfortable on, no heavy lipstick feeling at all, just a really nice, light texture that actually feels (even if it's not) moisturizing. My only qualm is that there doesn’t seem to be that much product in there, so I’d probably pass if I had to pay $6 retail, but the $2.50 I paid for it on sale is a great deal.

Also picked up a few of Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipsticks in Fuchsia Fusion (pearl), Mauve it Over (matte), and Sultry Sable (cream). I picked up Fuchsia Fusion on a whim and am absolutely in love with it. It’s very close to one of my all time FAVE (and sadly discontinued) lipsticks but in a pearl finish. If Revlon ever decides to make a matte version, I would buy it in a heartbeat! It’s also on the blue side of pink so it really pops against my skintone. Mauve it over is a MLBB nude that is more on the pinky brown side of nude, which I prefer. I also have Nude Velvet (cream) which is also a MLBB nude but more on the brown side, as well as Nude Attitude (matte) which is totally unwearable on me without a gloss on top. Mauve it Over wins out over both, hands down. Sultry Sable is one of their new colors, and while I do like it, it’s also a bit high maintenance to wear. I find I like it best when gently patted on from the tube, or used with a lip brush - basically a lighter application. I might pick up Wine Not (matte) which is similar but hopefully easier to wear. The Revlon Colorstay in Fabulous Fig (matte) is still my fave though. I think I did a mini review in a previous post.

Lastly, Maybelline's Fit Me Blush in Deep Nude. The Fit line is new to Maybelline, I believe, and is supposed to be earth friendly, or something along that line. Most of my blushes are in the pink/mauve/berry range so I thought I would try a coral peachy color and surprisingly, this worked out really well. It’s a subtle wash of color, perfect for nude looks and the coming summer months. My hands are a slight bit darker than my face, I'd say maybe NC27 or HD118/123 so you can barely see the color (esp w/ flash), but on my face which is NC25/HD120 it looks great and adds a subtle wash of color. It was a total steal too at only a little over $2 on sale!

No flash. Top: Fit Blush in Deep Nude. Middle L to R: NYX Lip Creams in Addis Ababa, Stockholm, and Monte Carlo. Bottom L to R: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Fuchsia Fusion (pearl), Mauve it Over (matte), and Sultry Sable (cream).

With flash. 


Around the bend

Blogging with the iPad, on a ferry, on my way back to the mainland after a long weekend in Koh Samui. The iPad, as it turns out, is completely useless when it comes to blogging, so unfortunately no pics for now. :(

The past few weeks have become a blur. I am so thankful for my camera, whose memory is much better and more reliable than mine.

Right now, I'm looking out the window of the VIP room (which means air conditioned and cushy seats) and all I can see is white and blue, with small clusters of prehistoric looking islands dotting the horizon. It's beautiful, and betrays the fact that Thailand is a country which has sold it's soul to foreign interests. Nature is preserved because it's salable as a tourist attraction. Beaches are privatized by the hotels that inhabit it's shores, with only one access road to ensure it's exclusivity. The southern side of the Koh is completely awash with pubs and restaurants boasting greetings in German, French, myriad languages few of which are Thai. Australians sunbathe nude in an area that is still strongly Muslim.

Thailand is a country that no longer belongs to it's people. Corruption rules the land, from who rules the small neighborhoods to who rules the parliament. The monarchy is in peril and after the death of this (much beloved) king, I doubt it will survive. I always thought I could live here, reconnect and follow the "sabai sabai" mantra that seems to dominate the Thai spirit most of the time, but now I know that's not only naive but impossible. Someone is always bigger, stronger, and more hungry than I will ever be.

Hmm....this was a much darker post than I anticipated, but this trip also feels much darker as well. My first sight upon landing and heading to the family home in the city was a barricade of police officers with guns and police shields. Seems now like an omen of things to come...uncertain peace and the knowledge that unrest is only temporarily at bay.


Phuket bound

It's been three days since I first arrived in Thailand and it's been a blast. Hot, but fun. I'm typing from the Thai Airways lounge which is the first reliable and fast internet connection I've had since I've been here. The iPad it turns out, not so great for emailing, blogging, etc....but still pretty useful to have for quick Google searches to find the nearest Mos Burger. :)

On my way to Phuket for a little business, a little pleasure. I haven't been there in years, and not since the tsunami hit, so it should be quite the experience to be back again. So far my days have been filled with trying new and interesting foods (like a new variety of rose apple that actually smells like roses!) and old faves (I had my mom call in an order for pork and sticky rice from my fave stall before we even got there!) and a little bit of sightseeing. I finally made it to Ancient Siam, which everyone said I had to see and it really lived up to the hype. The attention to detail was amazing, from the small crystal bottles filled with old style perfume to the hand painted Thai designs on the walls. It was pretty amazing. I also saw a 1/3rd replica of Angkor Wat which may be as close as I get to the actual thing for now. News of the unrest between Cambodia and Thailand in the border area seems to intensify with each day and there are rumors of a protest mounting. In the Capitol, both the Yellow and Red shirts are still holding demonstrations although in far less numbers than before, but it's still enough to warrant a strong police presence. Seems like there's always something brewing in the land of smiles. Will update again soon, and hopefully with pictures.



Congrats to Sheena and Meagan for winning the giveaway!* The grand prize package (pictured above) features a Moleskine Cahier notebook, a burnisher, a Chartpak blender marker, a few pieces of lino, a set of mini stickers, and some hand selected clipart.

Since there were so few entries, I decided to upgrade the runner's up prize package (pictured below), so you will now be getting a mini notebook, a burnisher, a Chartpak blender marker, and clipart in addition to a set of mini stickers. Booya! Everybody wins! That's just how I roll. :)

 basically the same but with a smaller notebook and less clipart. :)

So, what's all of this about? Well, one of my intentions for the new year is to be more active in sharing, not only in material things but knowledge and support and encouragement as well. Over the course of a year's worth of art nights with a group of girlfriends, we've all come to grow and learn so much, not only about art but about ourselves, that I wanted to bring that to a wider audience. One of the ways I want to share is by posting video tutorials, tricks, techniques, etc.. to my Art Diet blog. The first one will be on how to do laser/photocopier transfers, which I was recently obsessed with. This technique is so simple, quick, easy, and can be applied to so many things the possibilities are endless!

The winners of this giveaway are at an advantage because in your prize packages, I've included everything you need to do your own transfers! All you have to do is email me (jantirak@gmail.com) with your mailing address, wait by your mailboxes, and then watch my video. Before you know it, you will be one lean, mean, image transferring machine! :)

*Each comment was assigned a number according to the order in which they were received. Winners were selected by using a random number generator.


Top 5 Winter Faves

I may not like American Apparel as a company, but I do love their winter leggings! I have 4 or 5 pair in constant rotation and wear them on an almost daily basis during the winter. They look especially great tucked into boots or booties. I'm usually not one to rock the whole leggings-as-pants look, but with these, I don't really mind since they are thick and feel/look like pants, even if they are leggings. My fave right now are the denim ones, available in store but not online apparently. For all the folks who bought the AA groupon, go out and get a pair now!

I'm sort of addicted to SPF. I love this one because you can use it for face and body, has an SPF of 30+, and is one of the safest products on the market. Most sunscreens use either natural (TiO2, etc..) or chemical ingredients to work its magic. The downside of natural ingredients is that they can clog pores and are often cakey and white (think of the summer beach bum with the white nose) while chemical ingredients have harmful side effects. I don't know how they do it but this sunscreen ranks at the top of the list for safe sunscreens, doesn't turn cakey/white, and is actually pretty moisturizing too. I use this daily, even in the winter when the skies are grey and rainy!
I got this on a whim during the crazy Sephora VIB sale when everything was 20% off and now I love it! I use #202 and it's the perfect shade for me right now. At first I thought it was a hair on the beige side, but now it's perfect. I love it for the absolutely flawless my-skin-but-better finish, the lightweight feel, and the uber cute packaging. It's supposedly HD makeup (meaning it will look awesome on film/video/etc) but I haven't looked through pictures to compare. It's a bit pricier than I would like but with the discount it ended up being just a bit more than my beloved Mac Mineralize. I use this every morning after I apply sunscreen since it does not contain any SPF. A little goes a long way, and coverage is buildable which is always appreciated. :)

My friend Mer was the one who first introduced me to this line of handbags when she returned from France with one years and years ago. Apparently everyone in France uses these. I can see why, it's so versatile! I use mine everyday. I have 4 of these in different colors. I only get the large sized ones because I love big bags and I always have a ton of stuff on me. It's extremely rugged (I often use this to haul books and it shows no strain/wear), super easy to clean, lightweight, packable (it features a foldable design that is GREAT for travel) and goes with EVERYTHING. I love the simple, understated elegance of these bags and how timeless they are. I see grandmothers and 20-somethings alike rocking this bag and they both wear them so well.

I have a pen addiction. There, I said it. I'd been coveting this pen for a while now and finally bought one recently. It's all true. It really is as great as everyone says it is. I LOVE this pen. The grip that some complain about is perfectly balanced and comfortable in my hand. The F nibs are so buttery smooth it's unbelievable that it's made out of steel. The EF, not so much. I tried 2 and one was a dud while the other was just as great as the F, only with a slightly finer line. Hit or miss I guess. It is also true that once you buy one you want to buy more. I went from none to one to three in the span of a week. Le sigh. I'm using this with Noodler's Pasternak ink (a pale periwinkle ink from their Russian line, all named after Russian authors...how could I resist???) with this pen currently and the combination is very wintery. Also, all the nibs are removable and interchangeable, how awesome is that!

Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway (just leave a comment on this post to be entered) for a chance to win an art prize package, and everyone who enters will receive a set of mini stickers! Giveaway ends at the end of this week so hurry!



 First post of the new year, holler!

Wow, 2010 just flew by, and 2011 came without much fanfare. I usually make a few resolutions but I inevitably fall short by oh...February, so this year I'm not making any other than to try to keep as calm and sane as I possibly can. I think that's a good resolution, no? People who see me on a regular basis will appreciate this most, I think. ;)

Anyway, I'd like to kick the year off right by having a giveaway. Leave a comment with your new year's resolution or your favorite memory from 2010 by January 14th and I'll randomly select two winners that will receive a very special art prize package. The prize package will include a moleskine cahier notebook, a burnisher, a couple pieces of lino, and a few other goodies. Just for fun, everyone who leaves a comment will receive a set of mini stickers (pictured above) I made from some of my favorite photos of 2010.

Happy New Year, everyone!