Crystal Cove

 only got 4 nice purple sky shots. :( 

 rule of thirds be damned. i love center weighted shots. :)

 partner in crime for the morning. 

 the waves got HUGE after a while.

 pelikans are big and scary. 

 silly fun.

 so many spider webbies.

slow and steady.


Anonymous said...

I like these! Thanks for a peek into your morning!

Jantira K said...

Hi! Thanks!

summerb said...

lol at the pelicans comment. some things never change :)

Jantira K said...

does the fact that i hauled at at ungodly hours to commune with nature count for NOTHING??? j/k. but for real, pelikans are so gross.

Hanna K. said...

lovely :) that was a ton of fun...and led to my camera purchase! just looking at those pictures makes me feel how early that was. i wish your pictures were bigger on your site.

Jantira K said...

yeah, i was debating making them bigger but then it kind of throws off the whole look since all my other photos are this size. plus, blogger formatting drives me nuts sometimes and it started doing funky things when i made them bigger! :P

let's do this again!!

liz said...

beautiful! haha are all my comments so annoying or what? im just trying ot catch up!