Top 5 Faves: Going Neutral for Fall.

I got this recently and love it already. It's a greyish taupe-y olive-y brown color depending on where and how much you use. I use it mostly as a brow filler but I also like it as an eyeshadow. It's great for a casual, subtle smokey eye and looks great with a pop of color in the middle. I recently wore this with Urban Decay Acid Rain on the middle of the lid and it looked great! My new HG brow filler and a growing fave in terms of eyeshadow.

I love gold, it goes without saying. In the search for the perfect chrome gold nail polish, I picked this up. It's from the OPI Swiss collection. I like that it's not orange-y or yellow like most golds. It's more of a 10-14kt gold color which makes it a great neutral and will probably work with every skintone. I'm a bit on the lighter side but got compliments the first day I wore this! I imagine it would look rockin' on darker skintones though.

My fave eyeshadow at the moment. It's a very sparkly gold with silver glitter so this baby only comes out at night. I usually use it wet which amps this up big time and also helps to keep all the glitter off my face. I never thought of myself as a glitter girl until I got this and now there's no going back.

The pic is of Luminous in Lace which is the perfect nude with just a hint of color. Ginger palace is a tad more pink and shimmery. I love these Juicy tubes. They have just the right amount of pigment, which is to say I don't feel like I just put on lipstick, but also not so sheer that it looks like I put on clear gloss. The texture is great too, but some of the scents are a tad overwhelming. These two glosses are always in my bag and I wear them constantly. They were LE's from a while back so I don't know what I will do when I run out!

I love my Alternative hoodies. The eco heather (in eco-grey above) is the perfect weight for all seasons, well California "seasons" anyway. :P I seriously wear my eco heather ones waaay too much...people who see me regularly must think I don't own any other clothes. The fleece is amazingly soft and lightweight while also being nice and toasty, and also comes in overdyed colors which is a nice bonus. I love mine in eco-cherry. The fleece ones are on sale for $50 at their website right now (linked above) so hurry and get one before they sell out!

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