Campari: I'm hooked!

What a great day for food. Today I had fresh caught sashimi for lunch and now I'm munching on lightly salted almonds and sipping on a delightfully refreshing mix of Campari and Aranciata. I am officially on the Campari bandwagon, even if I am about a dozen or so years too early.

Only $18.99 at Trader Joe's! 

Also made a nice little Caprese salad for a snack.

But seriously, I am officially an old man. Between this newfound love for Campari and my not so secret love for G&T's, I could hang with the best of the over 60 crowd. I think I'm going to make this Campari week, 7 different drinks in 7 days. There's a can of Limonata in the fridge just waiting to be poured....

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