Campari Diaries: Limonata

Keepin it classy with a mason jar...you know you want it.

This is my second Campari concoction and I must say, I was a bit disappointed. Campari+Aranciata is MUCH better than the lemon alternative, in my opinion anyway. To me, it was too tangy and a bit too sweet with the Limonata. Maybe I needed more ice? With Aranciata it is DIVINE. Sort of like a boozed up version of grapefruit juice.

Anyway, this Campari craze is spreading! I'm glad I'm not the only one that has taken to having daily happy hours at home, Hanna and Jacob are also jumping on this bandwagon! I think Campari will also be the official sponsor of our next art meeting. :P

Also, Jacob and Hanna sent me this awesome photo of the Campari drinks they had while at a cafe in Venice! How legit is that???

I'm inspired by Hanna's lovely photo and the authenticity of it all so I think my next Campari endeavor will be a Venetian Spritz. Booze+more booze+ice? Sounds like my kind of drink ;)


Campari: I'm hooked!

What a great day for food. Today I had fresh caught sashimi for lunch and now I'm munching on lightly salted almonds and sipping on a delightfully refreshing mix of Campari and Aranciata. I am officially on the Campari bandwagon, even if I am about a dozen or so years too early.

Only $18.99 at Trader Joe's! 

Also made a nice little Caprese salad for a snack.

But seriously, I am officially an old man. Between this newfound love for Campari and my not so secret love for G&T's, I could hang with the best of the over 60 crowd. I think I'm going to make this Campari week, 7 different drinks in 7 days. There's a can of Limonata in the fridge just waiting to be poured....


10 tips for better photos

My friend Sheena just bought her first DSLR, leaving her old point and shoot behind. While this is a great move for her in my opinion, she was a bit concerned about her skill level. She's never used a DSLR before and was worried about the learning curve. Nowadays, DSLR's are more like glorified point and shoots with better quality images and a greater range of options for photo taking and manipulating. I know she has a great eye because she does a lot of theater work which is very visual and all about composition, but getting that to transfer to a photograph is another matter entirely. I recently sent her an article with some basic photography tips, but thought I'd write my own that is geared specifically to someone new to the medium or looking to improve upon their basic skills and get better pictures, whether it be from a point and shoot, a DSLR, or a film camera.



Turns out I'm allergic to penicillin. Broke out in nasty itchy hives. Covered both arms and legs. :( This is a pic from when it had calmed down a LOT already.


 Went to a few baseball games. Dodgers lost...by a lot. Boo.....good seats though!

Finally saw the Choe show before it went down. 

The watercolors were def the standout pieces for me. I also dig how he signs them with little mini images.

Meh...can't remember what else.