Art Crush: Yoshitomo Nara

My friend Ethan was the one who first introduced me to Nara's work. I think we were in his apartment. I think he was working on a very abstract and geometric painting loosely based on sperm. I was trying to hide out. He told me about Nara and showed me some of his work. I think the pup cup was one of them. I loved it immediately. I loved the dark lines running through an otherwise pop image. I loved the punk rock influence and sinister expressions. I loved how it was everything I wasn't learning in school. Then I heard him speak a few weeks ago. It tore down everything I thought I knew about him as an artist. But that can be a good thing. It's nice to be reminded that we are all human with our own set of flaws and desires and mistakes. Then I got a glimpse into his studio in this book. That cemented it. He's spent half his life making art. He turned 51 this year and his output would put artists half his age (myself included) to shame. Love him, love his work.


sumbum said...

Haha when was Ethan not "working on a very abstract and geometric painting loosely based on sperm"? No for serious though, I hearted his little apt :)

Jantira K said...

HAHAHA...well, this one was the first he committed to canvas instead of just visualizing in his head :P i hearted his little apt too. and yours for that matter!