Art crush: Adam Neate

I don't remember the first time I came across Adam Neate but I do remember it rocked my world. He is best known for leaving thousands of paintings on cardboard all over the streets of London, free for anyone to take. I ADORE that. In my angst ridden college days this was like a revelation. I realized that art could exist in the streets among people instead of hanging by itself on a gallery wall. I grew up in LA so I saw tons of graffiti everywhere but I never really thought of that as art. It was mostly illegible tagging and it wasn't part of my vocabulary, it wasn't what I was taught to think of as art. Adam Neate's work changed all that. He helped bridge the gap between the two, not only for himself, but for all of street art too. Nowadays it's common to see street artists in galleries but that wasn't always the case. He still leaves pieces in the streets, even though he is also shown in galleries. Fine art with low art distribution. I dig it.

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