It's a wrap

I am so bad at mailing things. If you are my friend and live farther than 50 miles from me you will know this first hand. My friend's birthday was 3 weeks ago and I still haven't mailed her present yet. I finally got around to wrapping it though, so it will be on it's merry way soon.

I've been trying to be more creative in everyday activities lately. Sometimes this works out and sometimes it doesn't but that's a different issue. Anyway, I've been obsessed with The Gifted Blog which is the blog of a friend of a friend and it is just amazing! She is like a gift wrapping superstar and has such a great attitude. I especially like that she advocates for using things you already have which is very green and really captures the creative spirit. Anyway, I've been kind of obsessively reading her blog so when the opportunity came to wrap this present I wanted to try to use materials I already had, and to find a way to make it fun and pretty.

Simple kraft paper, yellow ribbon, and a felt flower I made.

Close up of the flower. I stitched it to the ribbon. 

I stuck the card behind it so there wouldn't be so much negative space. I like how it helps to bring out the flower and also secures my card at the same time!

The card was a simple blank one that I drew a little two tiered birthday cake with candles on. I like hand drawn/made cards so much better than store bought cards. I think my friend will appreciate this since she is pretty crafty herself! It was actually really fun and easy. Now I want to find more things to wrap!


Charissa - The Gifted Blog said...

Jan -

This is great! I'm so tickled you shared about it on your blog...and I'm pretty sure I don't deserve all your high praise. How cool that your gift is also very mail-friendly (no big bows or delicate bits to get squashed in transit).

Would you consider submitting your images to The Gifted Blog Reader Gallery?

I like your description of the card, as well. I think hand-drawn cakes are sweet!


Hanna K. said...

so cute