Art Crush: Hector Duarte

An art crush is pretty self explanatory. It's like a regular crush except with an artist. All the same butterfly feelings except driven by art instead of sex. They are artists I would totally want to date if only the stars were aligned and I were a few decades older, or not a girl (some of my all time biggest art crushes are women), or in the right corner of the world. These are artists whose work and spirit resonate with the frequencies of my own heart.

Hector Duarte was my first art crush. He's from Michoacan, Mexico, now based in Chicago. He does a lot of public murals. His mosaic ones are so beautiful. I love that his works are infused with so much meaning. Every image has a story behind it, a personal history that is incredibly moving to stand and be witness to. He is also big into community (in the greatest sense of that word) and is very much invested in his. He was the first one who tangibly showed me how one could make art for the public and for oneself and also speak to both at the same time. I've only met him once, during college for a community art class field trip but from that moment on he has been in the back of my mind always. He's almost 60 now but his work is still so fresh.

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