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Chicken Katsu. 

Yesterday was a heavy driving day for me, I think I spent more time in the car than with people. Note to self: you CAN NOT get from Ontario to Buena Park in 30 minutes! I ended up being late to dinner but my lovely friend Wonnie ordered for me so the food was ready when I arrived! We went to Yoko which serves Korean Katsu and it was delish. I think next time I'll get the pork though. Also, funny story, Wonk and I traded a piece of her pork for one of my chicken and the first bite made me regret my chicken katsu, but after a while I looked down and the pork piece was gone. I had eaten the rest of it and not even noticed it was pork! The regular meal is pretty large and I loooove that they serve it with kimchi radish and pickled jalapenos, yum. Next time I want to try the soba, it looked really tasty and Jeff said the noodles were nice and chewy. Pretty cheap too considering how much food you get, I dropped $12 including tax and a generous tip.

Also, I must share this picture. We played games after and Wonk and I got our asses kicked by the boys (playing girls vs boys is sooo not fair with these guys!) but the one BRILLIANT moment of the night was this mind meld, so perfect!
Same places, same order! The mind meld topic was shopping malls :)

Speaking of shopping, I totally failed at trying to spend less money. I did however, use my Gap Give and Get coupon so I feel as though I can justify it since part of the money went to charity? I bought a couple of my absolute FAVE v-neck pocket t's, a really cute floppy beach hat (the first hat to actually look good on me), and some basic tanks in anticipation of summer. Some charity out there is getting 5% of that :P I also bought a cute new clutch and a small wallet for my ever expanding collection of plastic. I used my 30% off coupon* at Coach so it was a great deal!

*coupon only valid at Coach Factory Store locations.

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