Ran into this piece by Know Hope in Chelsea. I'm a huge fan. The first Know Hope piece I saw was in Tel Aviv; a lovely surprise on my way out of a Chinese Restaurant. :)
Yum. Gorilla Coffee.
Leandro Erlich pool at P.S.1

Epi inside. 
Also saw some excellent video art, lots of old favorites, and the James Turell piece, although it was disappointing since I had to be somewhere later and didn't stay long enough to watch the sky change color.

I dig it.
A blurry Yoshitomo Nara. He was speaking at Princeton the day after I landed in NYC. Fortuitous timing. Love him.

Nara at the podium, shot of some new pots he's working on. They are amazing!

Manhattan at night, as seen from BK.

Epi and the BK Bridge.

Grimaldi's. Yum. Drank too much wine.

Trees near Central Park. 

Hanna looking fab. We went to St. James earlier to hear Rev Desmond Tutu speak. He was just too adorable when he gave the children's homily.

Lunch at Zabars after. 

Lentil soup, Nova on health bread, coffee. Yum.

Moonshine, aka Shiner, aka the cutest cat on the planet.

Sheena (looking fab as always) and Indian food, two of my faves! I forget the name of this place but it is AMAZING. On Flatbush a block or two from the Parkside Q.
 Impromptu portrait session with Epi. She is just too gorgeous - this is a raw pic, no editing! Such excellent natural light too.

Don't have any pics because I am such a bum, but also caught up with Ethan, another one of my faves, and Fran, who took us to Ippudo for the most delish ramen. I lost my Momofuku pics, but that cereal milk soft serve is seriously like crack. No joke, I could eat that all day long. Fran, you are like my dealer...my Momofuku cereal milk crack dealer. :)

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