I'm moving into a different room in the house and I'm on a mission to make it a space all my own and a place that I want to spend time in. The first thing I did was buy new sheets for my new bed, 600 thread count sheets in a dusty brown like the picture above. I love them! I loved my old 500tc Ralph Lauren sheet in an awesome bright canary yellow but by no means did I want to spend that much money on sheets! I got mine from Ross which put me back $30 for a queen sized set, not bad for 600tc! Also picked up two new bookcases from Ikea that were on sale for only $15 each. I tried to paint them white but that was a total disaster. Note to self: spray paint can not fix everything.


SLY said...

I am on the search for a new duvet set and I can not find one yet. It's disappointing, my fruitless search.

Jantira K said...

meee toooo!!! this is so weird we are both on the search for duvet sets. i saw a cute one online at target but i gave up online shopping for lent and it's only available online. :( i'll pass along word if i stumble across a good one.