"@" @ MOMA

If you haven't already heard, MOMA has aquired "@" as part of their collection. My friend Laura who first told me about it wrote in her email that she wasn't sure what to make of this. It was a wee bit early for an April Fool's joke and I certainly didn't think it was a real news item either. Then I got in my car to head home and turned on the radio only to hear one of the curators on NPR talking about this very thing! It's a little nutty but it does provide a nice starting point for discussion, which is what has happened. It does raise some questions though, such as the significance of design vs redesign since they attribute it to the man who redesigned/reappropriated it. Also, if it's important as a design element than what about typography and all the designers for all the different fonts, since it did after all start out as the letter "a"? I still think it's a bit out there but I also think that it was a great move on MOMA's part.

It's still in the public domain so no worries about copyright issues next time you tweet or write an email. :)

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