Maurizio Cattelan, All, marble, 2007

My arty friends are in love with this man and his work but so far I have yet to find a piece of his that really draws me in - until now. This piece completely does that in a way that is more subdued than his other works. I find his other sculptures to be too brash or over the top but this piece has a quiet power about it that is much more interesting to me than Hitler kneeling in prayer (Him) or the Pope being hit by a meteorite (La Nona Ora). If I had to put things in boxes, I would put him and Jeff Koons into the same box. It's the box for artists whose ego gets in the way of their work. It's also the box for artists who have way too much time and money on their hands. It's the box for artists that I will give a nod to more for their technical excellence than anything else. It's also just not my cup of tea. I do love that he is self trained though. What do you think?

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