Art and Tacos

Chile Verde, Al Pastor, and Carnitas tacos from Taqueria la Mexicana. Yum.

Met up with Hanna mid week to catch up and talk art. My house is a mess with all the renovations and slow purging of things that should have been tossed/donated a long time ago, so we met up at Portfolio in Long Beach which is becoming one of my favorite places in the LBC. It was nice to talk art again and we left with lots of good ideas about future projects and some goals for the rest of this year. It's nice to have a sounding board to bounce ideas off of and also nice to be able to come at an issue or idea from two different perspectives since we both have a tendency to be too much inside our own heads. I'm excited about a new photo project that developed out of a conversation about "religious" art, the politics of domestic space, and the Big Man Upstairs view of God propagated in religious imagery. A lot of things to think about. I also realized I need to take better notes since my memory is notoriously bad.

Another perk of meeting in Long Beach is that Taqueria la Mexicana is right down the street from Portfolio! Their tacos are sooo delish, I can't go to Portfolio and not stop by for a taco or three. :P If you're ever in the area, make sure to swing by and pick up a Chile Verde taco, so good! Although, they can be a little hit or miss sometimes.

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