Cloud Gate (aka The Bean), Chicago

Anish Kapoor, a Turner Prize winner, was selected from over 30 bids to design the new sculpture for London's Olympic Park. It will no doubt be a huge draw for the Olympics in London, for an art geek such as myself, perhaps an even greater draw than the games. It's said to be taller than the statue of liberty and constructed of steel, and is called ArcelorMittal Orbit after the steel tycoon who is footing the bill. Some preliminary drawings can be found online as well as more info on the piece.

I'm not a huge fan of the design but people are ranting and raving about it so maybe I'm missing something. It's also a little onminous if he really did take inspiration from the Tower of Babel, doesn't he know how that story ends??

I was so bummed I missed Memory while in New York. I especially wanted to see it after multiple strolls through Richard Serra's Sequence and Band at LACMA and falling in love with the colors and texture of the material (cor-ten steel) and how organic it felt with the design. I love the Serra's but wanted to see what would happen with a less fluid application of the material, since it really imposes a certain narrative and timeliness to the work than other materials, in my opinion. All the pictures I've seen of Memory looked way too cool so I could only imagine how amazing it would have been in real life. Kapoor also designed "the bean", pictured above, which sits in Millennium Park in Chicago. I've still never seen it despite having lived there during it's construction and unveiling. It's always on my to do list whenever I go back for a visit but somehow it never happens. I blame it on the weather. :)

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