A4 vs Letter

Letter sized paper template - Click to open and save

I love paper. But I'm also picky about what size my paper is. I prefer smaller notebooks/journals or huge sketchbooks. I hardly ever buy standard letter sized items. It's just not a good size for me. I can't visualize the space on letter sized paper the way I can with other sizes. But letter sized paper is everywhere! It's all we use at work and it's the size that HP 32 lb paper* is. So, being the huge nerd that I am, I decided to make my own paper template. 

I cannot stand wide ruled paper. The smaller the lines the better! Your needs may vary but this is perfect for me. I have PDF and AI versions as well so holler if you want it! I didn't lock the layers so you can change them to whatever size you like. I had to adjust my printer margins/bleed to get it to print correctly so I imagine you'll have to do the same. Unless your printer can print full bleed, mine can't. I love it because now I can print HP 32 lb paper double sided so when I fold it in half I get four pages of perfect sized writing space! I might try another one using the Golden Ratio, we'll see. 

Also, I incorrectly assumed that A4 and letter were the same size. The logic behind A4 paper is so brilliant! It makes so much sense and is so simple and practical. Check out this article to find out why. C'mon America, get on the A4 bandwagon already! 

*HP 32 lb paper is a premium laser paper available at any office supply store. A tad expensive at nearly $18 for one ream but it responds incredibly well to fountain pens and is a cult favorite among fountain pen users. Other 32 lb papers are available but I've never tried them.


SLY said...

I did not realize how much of a geek you were. But I LOVE you and ADORE you. Also, I don't like lines at all. And I can't stand when I want a new journal and its wrapped in plastic and it doesn't let me know whether or not it has lines or not. Then I buy it and it ends up having lines. Ugh!

Jantira K said...

yo...there was a disclaimer. :P btw, that totally bugs me too! i also prefer unlined but i'm ok with lines so long as they aren't wide ruled, yuck. wide ruled paper should not be used beyond the third grade in my opinion. how do you feel about quadrille? I am also going to send you some french ruled paper once i get some!