Some days it's nice to have a routine that you follow. It's feels comfortable. Today was one of those days. After work I met up with Alice for gym and dinner at AJ Noodles which is sooo delish. I never tire of that place. Had the spicy beef noodles, spicy cucumbers, green onion pancake and spicy dumplings, so much food for two girls! Still had room for jasmine milk tea afterwards though. :) Then to Hanna and Jacob's to pick up my pen tablet. Hanna was away at a meeting so I chatted with Jacob for a while before I realized it was getting late. It was nice to catch up though. Now, sweet sleep.


SLY said...

Is it horrible of me that I want to fly to Cali just to have your mom's home made cooking. Thai food is not the same after having it homemade.

Jantira K said...

No way! That's great! Come NOW! If you can't wait, I can cook up some Thai food with my limited skills when I see you this week!