Little Studio in the City

S. Giorgio Maggio, Early Morning by JMW Turner

Tonight I had another art meeting with Hanna. We've been having weekly art meetings since last fall and they have been great. Our newest project is a blog, Little Studio in the City, and I am getting more and more excited about it as we go along. It's been great having weekly art time but it's also really nice to have a venue to share what we are working on. I also really enjoy talking about art in a dedicated space, since I get to write about topics that wouldn't necessarily work all too well on this blog.

Today I started on my small paintings project. It was nice to work with paint again after a really long hiatus. It's so interesting to me how different it feels from photography or working on a computer or printing. I really like how each medium has it's own feel, it's own frequency. It's nice to switch things up sometimes and let the brain work in a different way. 

One of Hanna's friends also came tonight. She is a really talented self-taught watercolorist. Watching her work was really entertaining. It was amazing to see her transform a wash of color into a beautiful flower. I love watercolors but have always been too intimidated to try. Many people say that watercolor is the hardest medium to master which I tend to agree with. Hanna and I concluded that we were both too into immediate gratification to ever be good at watercolors. But now that I've seen Hanna's friend work her watercolor magic, I'm feeling more inspired to try! 


SLY said...

I want to be at your meetings!

Jantira K said...

Meeee toooooo!!!! I am so excited to see you you don't even know....