Wacom Bamboo Fun, Intuos3, and Touch Deals

Today I got an email from Macmall with some pretty great deals on pen tablets and thought I would pass the savings on. Above is the Bamboo Fun. It is currently being sold for $40 (refurb) at Macmall and $50 new from various sellers on Amazon. Macmall is also offering the Intuos3 in 4x6 format for only $95! I think both are great deals, as is the $65 Bamboo Touch I saw on Amazon although it has been getting mixed reviews. It does look very sleek though and the appeal of a touch pad is pretty tempting.

Having used the Bamboo before I switched over to the Intuos3, I can tell you that for $40 it is a steal, even as a refurb. The Bamboo is great in that it is light, portable, and so well designed (it won 2 Red Dot design awards!) and is surprisingly sturdy. It also comes with a wireless mouse, a pen holder, extra nibs, a bunch of programs and if you use Vista, has a great journal application. All that for $40! The main reason I made the switch was because the medium sized Bamboo I had was too big, and the smaller sized Intuos3 was perfect. I also got a great deal where my Intuos was less than the cost of the medium sized Bamboo. Technically, it does have drawbacks such as half the sensitivity of an Intuos (the new Touch model has the same sensitivity levels) and lacked some features such as tilt. It wasn't a problem most of the time but when I do editing at work having a nice, straight line was non-negotiable. I did love the tactile feel of the Bamboo pen on the tablet, although nibs tend to wear faster.

The $95 Intuos3 is a great deal as well if you are looking for something more robust and professional. I must say that having made the switch I do not regret it one bit and that the Intuos really is a much better tablet and is more responsive. The ability to get straight lines in and of itself was enough for me to never look back. If you are an artist looking for a serious and dependable tool for graphic manipulation or do a lot of editing/photo/graphic work I'd say skip the Bamboo and get the Intuos, you won't regret it. If you are more of a casual user, are just starting out, in want of a new toy, not doing much graphic work, or hate your current tablet/pen/mouse then the Bamboo may be the one for you. At under $100 and $50 both are great tools to have at your disposal for not much investment. I swear, you will never go back to using a mouse again!

UPDATE: I picked one up today and am using it right now! It looks and works as if it were brand new. All packaging was immaculate. Such a good deal! The Macmall in Torrance had about 8 or so in stock in the store when I went.

Also I must say, service at Macmall retail locations can be hit or miss. The last time I was in there I had to wait FOREVER for someone to help me but today, despite it being a little busy, I was helped right away. I ended up spending almost an hour there trying to pay for my stuff (there was some drama about rebates and company checks and store credits and many calls back to work to see what the boss - aka my dad - wanted to do and him calling me back 15 minutes later after he changed his mind and much was lost in translation and and...) but Eric who was helping me was totally patient even though I was getting a little frustrated and in the end got everything resolved for me. He even helped me carry all my stuff to the car which was great! I highly recommend Macmall, especially if they are running specials. Be careful not to impulse shop though, I ended up getting more than I needed!



Some days it's nice to have a routine that you follow. It's feels comfortable. Today was one of those days. After work I met up with Alice for gym and dinner at AJ Noodles which is sooo delish. I never tire of that place. Had the spicy beef noodles, spicy cucumbers, green onion pancake and spicy dumplings, so much food for two girls! Still had room for jasmine milk tea afterwards though. :) Then to Hanna and Jacob's to pick up my pen tablet. Hanna was away at a meeting so I chatted with Jacob for a while before I realized it was getting late. It was nice to catch up though. Now, sweet sleep.



A new painting. Obsessed with Duende.


Probably not a good idea to try to take pictures while driving but sometimes you get a nice surprise.


Ash Wednesday

Today I woke up much earlier than usual to go to Ash Wednesday mass with my family. The church was full of kids from the Catholic school that is part of the church, so since there were so many kids, the homily was directed mostly to them. It was really sweet though, the kids were also the ones who sang all the songs and read the intentions, so cute!

Anyway, Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent and each year I always have a really hard time deciding what to give up. Sometimes I think it might be better to resolve to do things rather than give up things. Sometimes I think, "do I even want to do this, buy into this centuries old ritual?" but then the inevitable Catholic Guilt slips in and I think, "yes, yes I do."

Little Studio in the City

S. Giorgio Maggio, Early Morning by JMW Turner

Tonight I had another art meeting with Hanna. We've been having weekly art meetings since last fall and they have been great. Our newest project is a blog, Little Studio in the City, and I am getting more and more excited about it as we go along. It's been great having weekly art time but it's also really nice to have a venue to share what we are working on. I also really enjoy talking about art in a dedicated space, since I get to write about topics that wouldn't necessarily work all too well on this blog.

Today I started on my small paintings project. It was nice to work with paint again after a really long hiatus. It's so interesting to me how different it feels from photography or working on a computer or printing. I really like how each medium has it's own feel, it's own frequency. It's nice to switch things up sometimes and let the brain work in a different way. 

One of Hanna's friends also came tonight. She is a really talented self-taught watercolorist. Watching her work was really entertaining. It was amazing to see her transform a wash of color into a beautiful flower. I love watercolors but have always been too intimidated to try. Many people say that watercolor is the hardest medium to master which I tend to agree with. Hanna and I concluded that we were both too into immediate gratification to ever be good at watercolors. But now that I've seen Hanna's friend work her watercolor magic, I'm feeling more inspired to try! 


Miss Van

I went to the Miss Van show at Merry Karnowsky Gallery this past weekend and it was great. I have been a long time fan of Miss Van and to finally see her work up close and in person only made me marvel even more at her talents. She has a great visual language that is so dark and distinctly feminine. There were two paintings that I absolutely adored but at $3200 a piece it was most definitely out of my price range. I did end up getting a print though (the last one! It felt strangely satisfying to see the woman walk over and put a red dot next to the wall tag) even though it too was a little pricey. It's the one pictured above. It's more tame than some of her other works but I love it. Show is up now until March 6th and also features work by Victor Castillo.


D40 Deal

Samy's is running a deal on "factory renewed" D40's with an 18-55mm lens for $299 and no tax! Last I checked, factory demos were going on ebay for over $300 plus shipping, and body only. I picked one up this past Sunday since it was too good a deal to pass up. I sold my first one last year and have been missing it lately so when I saw this deal it was like it was meant to be! Damn you Samy's, for making me spend more money. Anyway, the body has 6k actuations on it which is a little high but about how much I had on my old D40 so I'm not too worried about it. I'll mostly be using it for snapshots and fun stuff when I don't want to lug my D700 around (that thing is heavy!) and also as a backup.