old and new

After a few years of doing the Wordpress thing, I've decided to switch over to Blogger and let Google take over my virtual world a little bit more. Out with the old, in with the new.

I submitted my first grad school app last week and in the process discovered some old work that I had forgotten/not thought about in a while. Some of them I like still, which surprises me. I get tired of my own work pretty quickly.

This is part of a series. I love it. It was lit with one bare light I believe. Thank God for digital. I can't imagine trying to edit this in the darkroom!

Part of my Flaneur series which was greatly influenced by Walter Benjamin's Arcades Project. I need to take better notes because I can't remember what I did in the darkroom to get this. I think I was playing with split tones at the time so that is my best guess.

I LOVE this photo. I forget his name but he's one of Summer's nephews and is sooo adorable. Possibly my favorite portrait I've taken. He may look calm here but let me tell you, it was a different story in the studio....

As for new work, I had a shoot with Hanna's friend Genevieve yesterday in Pasadena. She was extremely gracious and a great model. I find it terribly nerve wracking to have to sit for pictures and am much more comfortable behind the camera but she was a natural and naturally photogenic too, which is always nice for the photographer. :) I should have pics from that session up soon.

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SLY said...

I love the photos. Especially the middle one.