Crystal Cove

 only got 4 nice purple sky shots. :( 

 rule of thirds be damned. i love center weighted shots. :)

 partner in crime for the morning. 

 the waves got HUGE after a while.

 pelikans are big and scary. 

 silly fun.

 so many spider webbies.

slow and steady.


 love this!

 the guys...in suits!

 wonk flew in from denver! and had some rockin make up on....

 photo credit: a.ho

 mc paul and greg playing their first dance song. 

 very mad men-esque with the cufflinks and pleats....not so much the plastic cup.

 happy birthday wonk!


 mer busting out with the diva gaze in the middle of our silly face shot.

 haha...i have no clue what just happened.

good times.